THANK YOU! For the attention and time you are spending with us here. And we wish that you will allow us to repay our gratitude with our service that aims to help you save time and hassle as much as possible. 

We have one clear and simple mission:

"To let our customers in Sarawak view our products and prices online and place their orders herein." 

When we set on the path to build this service, there were a lot of doubts from both internal and external stakeholders. Often either side would wonder: 

"So What?" 

- Well, not much really. We are just an ordinary bunch of people trying to sell a bunch of ordinary stuff online and hopefully some of it will interest our visitors and some of our service will help them find what they are looking for and ultimately save them time. 

"This is an online website / e-commerce store, why are you limiting yourself to just Sarawak?"

- Our delivery capacity at the moment simply is not equipped to service customers from other than just Sarawak. But we aim to put our best service forward to our home town customers first and foremost.

"Why not use the other available e-commerce or social media platforms?"

- This platform enables us to keep the site clean and free of intrusive ads. We have full control over every function that is available.

"I don't have a PC to view your website."

- You can also use your smart phone. This site works just as well on your palms. If you are already using your phone to view this then great!

The other reasons we needed to deal with:


This year in Sarawak, there will be 23 (up by 1 from 2018) Public Holidays, 3 Replacement Holidays & 52 Sundays. That is too many days. Days we are unable to take orders and enquiries from our customers. This website is our commitment to our customers to close the holiday gaps and enable them to browse our products at will.


We have existing customers across our beloved Sarawak that our sales team are unable to reach. Some drive 3 to 8 hours one way just to reach Miri City. These issues to us, in this digital age, shall be eliminated as long as we have connectivity to the internet. The condition of the roads however are beyond our control.

This website is our commitment to our customers that no matter where they are, our minds are with them to serve them and their community.

 [Edited Jan 2019]